Monday, April 20, 2015

Please Let The Rest Of Us Know How This Works Out

Yeah, it's gonna be guns everywhere in Texas.

Indeed, lawmakers in some ways spoke up on behalf of a minority of Texas residents who want to see an increase in open-carry. Only one in three Texans want to see open-carry without a permit, and only 45 percent are okay with open-carry with a permit – which is what the legislature finally adopted. In a recent University of Texas survey, only one in 10 Texans wanted to see open carry without a permit, and 25 percent said no one should carry handguns openly in public.

Legislating for the extremists in your state. Yes, I'm sure that's what the founding fathers had in mind. Bless y'all!

I'm going to tack this onto this post because it's gun craziness and connects to Texas via faux candidate for president Ted Cruz. Apparently, Green Eggs and Smarm is on the opposite side of gun issues from the US military.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas believes that troops should be able to carry their personal firearms with them on base – a point of view that puts him at odds with a number of top US military officials, including former commanders in America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This doesn't bother him, he says. “The military brass opposes this,” he told Fox News Tuesday. “But I’m a big believer in defending the Second Amendment rights of everyone, including our soldiers.”

Likewise, military brass has at times spoken out against the National Rifle Association, for example, when the organization launched a bid to keep commanders from talking to soldiers about the safety of keeping personal firearms in their homes.

I know the Right is all rah rah on the police and military, but pretty sure the day is coming soon where that will turn around. Obviously, you already have militia folks who see them as the enemy. 

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