Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day

In celebrating the day we honor the only planet we have, I'm going to write about our district's Green Party candidate, now and forever, for Congress. Matt's second radio gig is coming up tomorrow. How is he honoring Earth Day? By having as a guest, Robert Schultz. Funiciello purports to be a progressive of some sort, but combined with his statement in The Chronicle interview about "needing guns to protect ourselves from tyranny," getting together with Schultz is a little suspicious. I'm going to need to see some better Green bona fides before I can support him.

Not to give unwanted advice, but first don't take any tax tips, Matt. Secondly, I have to question what kind of guests he's going to get to follow Schultz. I'd think that's not company most folks are gonna want to keep.

Progressives like this, we don't need. Let's see. Zero criticism of Rep. Stefanik or Republicans in general unless you count saying Reps and Dems are equally bad. And now palling around with sovereign citizens.

REAL EARTH DAY NEWS: Lifted from Chas. Pierce, a story of crumbling oil and gas pipelines and the politicians who don't give a fuck. Here, a gift for Matt:

The Democratic party has been feckless and timid on this subject. The Republicans, on the other hand, especially now that the Supreme Court has legitimized influence peddling on a grand scale, have been little more than vandals. That makes a difference, or ought to, anyway. 

AND TBOGG: With reasons to vote Dem.

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