Thursday, April 2, 2015

On Climate Change and Nukes to Iran

Good news all around. The way has been cleared to begin shipping nukes to Iran.

 Iran and and six world powers have agreed on the outlines of an understanding that would open the path to a final phase of nuclear negotiations but are in a dispute over how much to make public, officials told The Associated Press Thursday.

The officials spoke outside week-long talks that have busted through a March 31 deadline in an effort to formulate a general statement of what has been accomplished and documents setting down what the sides need to do by the end of June deadline for a deal.

They're not saying much at this point. Trust me, though, they're heating up the asphalt to pave the road for a nuclear Iran. And Al Gore's hard work undermining American industry in favor of Spotted Owls has paid off. 

Despite decades of deforestation and environmental damage, a recent study published in Nature Climate Change found that, lately, the Earth has been getting a bit greener.

The downside, of course, is that the Right will look at this and say there is no need for environmental protections at all anymore.

Thanks to Paul Waldman at WashPo for pointing out that if the agreement with Iran is truly worse than the Munich Agreement then we should begin a war against Iran immediately. Anyone up for that?

 The whole point of the “appeasement” argument is that the enemy cannot be appeased from his expansionist aims, and the only choice is to wage war.

That’s what Iran hawks are arguing: We shouldn't pussyfoot around trying to find a diplomatic solution to this problem when there’s going to be a war no matter what.

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