Saturday, April 11, 2015

Into The Looking-Glass

With Charles Pierce as our intrepid guide:

The issue, of course, is Jen's terror of an Iranian nuclear weapon. So what better strategy than to exonerate a guy convicted of lying about a campaign to ruin the career of a CIA operative whose whole job it was to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons to places like Iran. And to do so on the basis of the suddenly razor-sharp memory of Princess Clustering Aspens, now peddling her book.

And I gotta say, I don't like seeing groups of heavily armed folks,  no matter their hue. Or Huey.

On a warm fall day in South Dallas, ten revolutionaries dressed in kaffiyehs and ski masks jog the perimeter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park bellowing "No more pigs in our community!" Military discipline is in full effect as the joggers respond to two former Army Rangers in desert-camo brimmed hats with cries of "Sir, yes, sir!" The Huey P. Newton Gun Club is holding its regular Saturday fitness-training and self-defense class. Men in Che fatigues run with weight bags and roll around on the grass, knife-fighting one another with dull machetes.

Good fuck, I wish those Texans would just hurry up and secede. I'll help 'em pack and even lend them the pickup.

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