Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Liberals Don't Live In Montana

I'm not going to check and see if all of these bills actually exist. I'll just suspend disbelief like a Fox viewer must have to do and accept them as fact. The first two are reason enough for me.

Prepare for National Ammunition shortage (SB 122)


Establish Armed Militias in Every Town (SB 130)

Forget about that fucking SAFE Act there. And in case that's not enough guns and ammo for you.

Allow Concealed Weapons in Bars, Banks, and on Campuses (HB 371, SB 143)

Nothing wrong with that. Makes bank robberies a lot more doable. I'll probably do as much of my banking online as possible, though.

Ban “Foreign or Religious Law” From American Courts (SB 199)

Sweet Allah, I'm glad I live in a state where it's still safe to follow Sharia Law and occasionally Sharona Law (a joke I stole from Reppie).

Nullify All Federal Gun Laws (HB 203)

Really? You can do that?

Allow Hunting With Silencers (HB 250)

Forget about the rest of them. This one is just stupid.

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