Saturday, February 28, 2015

Unwritten Letters to the Post Star

At the risk of looking like too much of a crank, do believe I'll send some editorial letters to my blog and not the Post Star. Anyway. This one goes out to you, John Siebrecht.

As the left continues to flounder and gasp for air like a fish dying on a beach, we on the right chuckle over our morning coffee.

Throwing pebbles against the one news outlet that is not in the left’s back pocket, these pitiful souls sweating from panic will do or say anything to divert our attention away from the fact that their liberal experiment, their apology for something that took place 200-plus years ago, has failed miserably. The anti-American liar occupying the White House now has set race relations back years and has made us a laughing stock around the world.

In Moreau, we have a guy living in his basement with one eye glued to Fox News 24/7 while the other eye watches the letters to the editor for anything that displeases him. His latest rant was accusing Mr. Hepp of creating the Islamic State; anyone but the empty suit hiding beneath his desk in Washington. A couple of weeks before this, a liberal guardian of our letters submitted an attempt at humor by way of a poem that was so embarrassing I almost felt sorry for the guy.

Over in Lake George, we have a woman seated on the left of the lake wants only her and her ilk allowed to voice their opinions. So typical of the left. Call people names embarrass them when they voice their opinions, and shout them down if they don’t fall in line. Sorry liberals, you’ve had six years and look at the mess the world is in. Who is at fault? This is now Obama’s war.


First off, chuckling into your coffee while we die gasping for air doesn't seem very Christian. But, I'll leave that for another time. And I'll let my buddy Al and the lady from LG fend for themselves. What I really want to address is "The anti-American liar occupying the White House now has set race relations back years and has made us a laughing stock around the world."

I've seen this attack on President Obama here and in other venues. See, I don't think you can lay it all at the feet of Obama. The reason I like putting it up here is that I can add pictures like this to illustrate the point:

And if you don't think that's racist there are plenty more at the link. I do realize that he's not as white as all the presidents we've had that have come before him. In his defense, as Rudy points out, his mother was white.
No word on whether she was Dutch. Oh yeah, and I don't think we're a laughing stock around the world either, John.

Can you see why this well thought out rebuttal didn't become a letter to the local press? Some stupidity doesn't deserve a lot. Just a little blogging!

Just want to tack on an RIP for Leonard Nimoy, a beautiful man.

Significantly, Nimoy did not disregard his Jewishness after becoming a star. Even after his depiction of Dr. Spock became famous throughout the world, Nimoy continued to actively participate in Jewish causes, from fighting to preserve the Yiddish language and narrating a documentary about Hasidic Jews to publishing a Kabbalah-inspired book of photography, The Shekhina Project, which explored “the feminine essence of God.” He even called for peace in Israel by drawing on the mythology from “Star Trek,” recalling an episode in which “two men, half black, half white, are the last survivors of their peoples who have been at war with each other for thousands of years, yet the Enterprise crew could find no differences separating these two raging men.” 

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