Friday, February 6, 2015

Profiles in Courage?

They probably are not, and my representative Elise Stefanik is certainly not. But, kudos to Bruce Poliquin, John Katko and Robert Dold anyway and good luck against your Tea Party opponents in 2016. The three reps were at least honest enough to vote against the repeal of ACA because the GOP has nothing to replace it with so good for them.

"I am against Obamacare. It is hurting jobs, hurting our families, limiting choices,” Poliquin told CQ Roll Call as he left the House floor Wednesday afternoon. “But I need to see a tangible, free-market replacement and this bill does not give us that. I need to see how we’re gonna fix this and not just be someone who votes for the 56th time to repeal this.

“Show me a fix,” Poliquin said, “and you’ll have my support.”

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