Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Yin And The Yang Of Letters To The Editor

Today's local paper, the CORPORATE OWNED (for Matt) Glens Falls Post Star had a couple of notable letters to the editor today. First, the lovely and charming Al Scoonzarielli:

Aw, Joshua Scott. You were doing fine. You actually came off in your Post-Star interview as a reasonable, informed parent. But you couldn’t leave it alone, could you? You had to follow up with your typical half truths and misunderstandings. I don’t think you lie though, Joshua. I’m sure you mean well. And please call me Al, with a nod to Paul Simon, rather than what I imagine you call me.
And you, George McGowan have some crust complaining about Democratic tall tales. How many of them, George, led to the biggest foreign policy blunder in history, a blunder worse than Vietnam wherein 3,500 of our troops died needlessly because you and your ilk didn’t heed Dwight Eisenhower. He said beware the power of the military industrial complex. So you give it the keys to the White House. No Bush, no Iraq invasion. No Iraq invasion, no ISIS. Saddam would’ve squashed them like bugs, and he knew we could squash him at any time after Poppy Bush shoved him back to Baghdad.
If someone repeats something they erroneously believe to be true, are they lying? I’m asking you this because of your recent statement that fracking saved our economy. Of course it didn’t. Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and say you actually believe that. But if you were lying, would that mean all Republicans lie? Of course not.
Also, no Bush, no wrecked economy. Was the Iraq thing good for the U.S.? Was it good for the Iraqis? It was great for that military industrial complex, and I’ve just come full circle. What company was it again that Cheney has so much stock in? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but sheesh. Follow the money on this or any other Bush-Cheney proposal and see who benefits.
Followed by the disturbing Mario P. Hepp:
I feel that it is a shame that we have a commander-in-chief who has led this great nation in the wrong direction for the past six years. Instead, we have a president who is nothing more than an arrogant, unqualified, flat out liar who lacks honesty, integrity and the ability to lead the country in the right direction. This man has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing since he was elected to the presidency in 2008. President Barack Obama’s goal was to destroy America through the elimination of capitalism by purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy with his out-of-control spending and failed programs such as Obamacare, the failed stimulus package in 2009 (to the tune of $887 billion — where did the money go?) and the list goes on. Obama wants the populace of this nation to depend on the government through social programs which are only creating a controlled nanny state.
On the subject of Islamic terrorism, Obama repeatedly refuses to use the words terrorist, jihadist, jihad or Islamic radicals when dealing with these terrorist attacks, beheadings and the burning to death of a Jordanian pilot. In 2011, he withdrew troops from Iraq against the will of our commanding generals in the field, which led to the void being filled by this Islamic terrorist group ISIS who would do harm to America and innocent individuals around the world who do not agree with their Islamic radical ideology. Let’s be clear: Obama’s allegiance is to Islam and to the prophet Mohammed not the United States of America. Obama had two main goals in 2008: 1) secure his position; 2) execute his social agenda; and with the help of the left-wing national media and the left-wing loons, who have been in a coma for the past six years, he continues do his damage.
I just don't know how we're going to survive another 2 years of Barack Obama. My investments have done quite well since he took office. Maybe Mr. Hepp is in gold or silver or whatever the right wing shills on talk radio are promoting these days. 

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