Sunday, February 15, 2015

Steve Vs. Brian

So, out of curiosity I did a web search to find out if Steve Emerson is still on Fox News. Apparently, he has made some FauxNewsPas before.

So naturally, after any event like the one in Boston yesterday, Emerson gets called upon by major news networks (though mostly just Fox, these days) to offer his analysis, especially when so much attention turned to a Saudi national whom police questioned and whose home they searched.

Long story short, apparently that Saudi national was not involved in the bombing in Boston. So in his case fucking up is a feature, not a bug as the cliche goes. And Brian Williams is (likely deservedly) given the bum's rush out of his anchor chair. On Fox, this terror "expert" can be called a complete idiot by Cameron and cause the mayor of Paris to sue the network for defamation and I can only assume he is still a valued guest. 

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