Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When is Enough Enough?

I realize that I don't post much here, but to have two posts in a row about the actions of murderous psychopaths is a disgusting trend I'd like to stop. In order not to focus on the individual responsible for the latest mayhem, I'll post on what little "good" news there is.

Satwant Singh Kaleka, president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, would do anything for his beloved, tight-knit community, relatives say.On Sunday, he died standing up to the horror of a gunman's attack on his house of worship in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek. Kaleka, 65, managed to find a simple butter knife in the temple and tried to stab the shooter before being shot twice near the hip or upper leg, his son said Monday.

Mr. Kaleka showed more bravery and adherence to his religion than I'm sure 99% of the gun-toting, God-fearing right wing nutjobs currently running amuck in this country. You know, I was getting sick of the idiocy of the Romney campaign but now I'd really like to get back to that.

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