Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting Period for Blogging

It's good to take a cooling off period after a tragedy such as occurred on Friday. Otherwise, who knows. You could falsely accuse an innocent Tea Party member of being the shooter or you could falsely identify the shooter as a Democrat. And we all know that Dems are the real gun nuts in this country. That's why gun "aficionadas" are so apt to vote for the Democratic Party. Anyway, best thing I've read on it is from Jason Alexander who is not just a pretty face. You should be proud Reppy to have been linked to him by Donald. I'll just link it. It's worth reading the whole thing.


  1. I read the whole thing.
    By “Donald” I assume you mean our Palin-worshipping dropkick Douglas?

    I have had mile-long arguments with people who insist that only by arming Amish schoolgirl teachers that gun violence can be stemmed. I’ve quoted any number of utterly damning comparative statistics between America and other countries where you can’t actually own any bloody weapon you like. Only to get back drool like “equal force” and “government tyranny” and the like.

    I’ve been quieter about this incident because I just feel so sorry for the victims, and I think it was important to tread softly in the immediate aftermath, but…

    I once had an argument with our other Right wing ‘friend’ Silverfiddle in which he stated that the Giffords shooting had no political inspiration… even though Giffords was a politician.

    This however did not stop him from declaring about the Colorado shooter:

    “I heard word that he may have been part of Occupy San Diego. Story developing...”

  2. IMO, the guy could have been Tea Party, Occupy Movement or a Quaker and there could have been the same chance of him going off and shooting a group of people pretty much anywhere. For me it gets political when we face the reality that he was allowed to accumulate the arsenal he had. Gun rights supporters say they have a right because the Constitution talks about a "well-regulated militia." As Alexander points out the shooter was in no militia and I'll he was certainly not regulated. Maybe the word regulated is a loophole that could be used to control the spread of this weaponry but I'm sure someone has considered that before. Unfortunately both our political parties kowtow to the NRA.