Monday, August 20, 2012

Norman Lizt Going Galt

I read this ad in the NYT this morning and am really disappointed in not being able to provide a link to it. Guess I'm not the only one who was impressed, though.

An eye-catching full-page advertisement appeared in The New York Times today from a self-described affluent business owner.

What will the world do without one fewer private equity investor? We'll soon know unless Romney pulls off a miracle.

The writer, Norman Lizt of La Jolla, Calif., says he pulls in “close to eight figures annually” and has built a substantial net worth as a sole, private equity investor. He says he also employs a half-dozen people and contributes to charities.

I certainly wish him a very happy retirement. He indicates in the article that it is the fault of President Obama that these 6 people will be out of work. I would like to suggest that at least one of them may be as capable of running a private equity firm as the super-genius wealth creator Norman Lizt. If they can't then I'm sure someone else can. I'm pretty sure that's how capitalism works.

And so, he says, “I probably will simply shutter my business and say my sweet farewells to a half dozen great employees (who are unlikely to equal their current remuneration elsewhere … if they are fortunate enough to get new jobs in this economy).”

Yeah, if these half dozen great employees can't run the business as well as whine-ass, greedhead Norman Lizt then maybe they were just dead weight to begin with. But once again have a nice retirement Mr. Galt Lizt.

“To Barack Obama, I say thank you …” he concludes, “… for freeing me from the yoke and bondage of my current endeavors and providing a newfound freedom. I just hope, however, that there are not thousands and thousands of others in the same position as I am in … the multiplier effect on jobs, the economy and charitable giving could be devastating!”

I'll take the liberty of saying you're welcome for the president. Since you've probably just been loafing the past few years anyway it'll be good to get some fresh blood into the economy. Don't worry I'm sure we're going to be able to survive without you. Bon Voyage!


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  2. What a hymn to the contradictions in free market fundamentalism....

  3. It just amazes me that a guy that produces nothing and only moves money around (and makes good coin for it) thinks he is so essential to our economy. He may be right but as someone who has always drawn a paycheck for producing tangible goods it offends me.