Thursday, August 9, 2012

Death of a Gun-Loving Meme

Know it's not going to happen but I'd like for this to end the bullshit "if only someone had been packing heat.

The madman who gunned down Sikh worshippers blew his own brains out after he was blasted in the gut by a crack-shot Wisconsin cop, the FBI said yesterday. “I’ve seen the video — it was an amazing shot. And thank goodness,” FBI Special Agent Teresa Carlson said.

Brian Murphy was the name of the officer and he himself sustained injury from 9 shots.


  1. I don;t think I've ver seen an example of an armed citizen shooting a mass murderer before he murdered anyone.

    I don;t dare talk about guncontrol where I live though. These nuts would shoot me.

  2. Yeah Truth, I'm waiting for the disaster that's going to happen when a couple of guntoting civilians do open fire on one of these nuts. And then start shooting each other and anyone in between. I suppose in theory it all sounds good for people to be armed. It can be made to work in the movies or something.

    Not many gun nuts around me (I hope). Lots of gun owners in my old stomping grounds in the Adirondacks. But that's mostly deer rifles and shot guns. For hunting, as it should be. I like venison as much as the next carnivore.

    Been meaning to ask you Truth, how do I get to your blog now. There's a big old bouncer there saying I don't have an invite. I'm not too good at this internet thing so it may be my fault.

  3. I just got it hiddena s I was blogged out. I was going to delete it but a few people told me to keep it live cause they didn't want to lose the Google connection or something.

    if I have something that needs to be said I can post on American Nihlist. Looks like Reppy can't stay away either.

  4. Yeah, we just can't quit the Donald. It's that sexy neocon strut.

    I kinda run hot and cold on blogging. Being congenitally lazy I prefer to just read the musings of others. It saves me the effort of trying to be erudite and clever.

  5. Yeah. But where else will you be able to use cool words like "erudite"?

  6. I'll admit I did have to look it up to make sure it meant what I thought it meant.