Friday, March 12, 2010

When Will We Ever Learn?


It’s inevitable that come the 2070’s or 2080’s this will be happening here.

VIENNA – At least two mass graves containing dozens of people killed by the Nazis have been found on property used by the Austrian army, government officials said Friday. 

You say it can’t happen here? Well, Sinclair Lewis already told us it could. But did we listen? No, we elected the commie Nazi Muslim no birth certificate guy.

BTW, I can’t foresee having a lot of use for that “Mass Graves for Wingnuts” label. But, who knows?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the misspelling of welcome on the cover because in addition to being a regular Nazi Obama supporter, I am also a spelling Nazi.


  1. Is it okay to put you back on the link list exDLB? Every time I do you end up going back into hibernation.

    This is good stuff the world deserves and needs to see.

  2. Sorry Truth, I am a bit flighty. Actually, I was thinking of having Reppy put me back on the AmNi "payroll." This post felt like it would have fit in over there. Thank you for the kind words and a real good heart.

  3. BTW, that link is part of the reason for the label "Liberal Use of You Tube."