Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mel Brooks, Prophet?

What did you expect? "Welcome sonny," "Make yourself at home," "Marry my daughter." You've got to remember, that these are just simple farmers, these are people of the land, the common clay of the new west. You know . . . morons.

The only way Obama is going to win over these people is if Mongo comes to town. And I hope that doesn’t metaphorically happen.

President Barack Obama says he believes the Tea Party is built around a "core group" of people who question whether he is a U.S. citizen and believe he is a socialist.


Apparently he feels there are some in the Tea Party who are sane. We can only hope.

But beyond that, Obama tells NBC he recognizes the movement involves "folks who have legitimate concerns" about the national debt and whether the government is taking on too many difficult issues simultaneously.


Please excuse all the verboten cut and paste.


  1. I love Mel Brooks. I grew up listening to his 2000 Year Old Man records. My family and I can recite whole passages from them.

    And now that one of my relatives, who has been researching the family name on my father's side, has discovered that our Sicilian name is Jewish in origin, I can understand better why I've loved the guy. I, and my family, just "get" the humor!

    April is a big month here in the North End of Boston. I live behind the Old North Church, off of Paul Revere Park. (I used to live next door to Paul Rever's House).

    2000 Year Old Man on Paul Revere:

    "An anti-semite bastard! He went riding around telling people 'The Yiddish are coming! The Yiddish are coming!'"

    Carl Reiner: "No sir. No. He was saying 'The BRITISH are coming!'"

    The 2000 Year Old Man: "Oy! What a mistake! And we didn't even go to his funeral!"

    Happy Patriots' Day!

    I'm Jewish!

  2. Thanks Shaw. Sorry, even I don't visit my blog often. It's too much fun reading other people's.

    Shalom, if I spelled that right. I'm as WASP as a person can be.