Friday, March 19, 2010

Tea Party Know Nothings

DFH Bruce Bartlett has an article up in Forbes suggesting that the Tea Partiers might not be the sharpest tools when it comes to actually being aware of any facts about how much Americans pay in taxes. They likely don’t even have a good idea about how much they themselves pay. For the record, mine were actually pretty low this year. Hail Obama!

Tuesday's Tea Party crowd, however, thought that federal taxes were almost three times as high as they actually are. The average response was 42% of GDP and the median 40%. The highest figure recorded in all of American history was half those figures: 20.9% at the peak of World War II in 1944.

Automatons that they are the Tea Party folks seem to think that because Obama is a socialist Democrat liberal tax lover then taxes must have gone up since he was inaugurated.

Tea Partyers also seem to have a very distorted view of the direction of federal taxes. They were asked whether they are higher, lower or the same as when Barack Obama was inaugurated last year. More than two-thirds thought that taxes are higher today, and only 4% thought they were lower; the rest said they are the same.


According to the JCT, last year's $787 billion stimulus bill, enacted with no Republican support, reduced federal taxes by almost $100 billion in 2009 and another $222 billion this year. The Tax Policy Center, a private research group, estimates that close to 90% of all taxpayers got a tax cut last year and almost 100% of those in the $50,000 income range. For those making between $40,000 and $50,000, the average tax cut was $472; for those making between $50,000 and $75,000, the tax cut averaged $522. No taxpayer anywhere in the country had his or her taxes increased as a consequence of Obama's policies.

Bartlett refrains from saying it, so I will, “Get a clue, morans!”

Whatever the future of the Tea Party movement in American politics, it's a bad idea for so many participants to operate on the basis of false notions about the burden of federal taxation. It only takes a little bit of time to look at one's tax return to see what one is actually paying the Treasury, calculate the percentage of one's income that goes to taxes, and compare it with what was paid last year and the year before.

Et tu, Wall Street Journal?


  1. The good news is that the deficit went up despite the tax cuts ExDLB. At least I think that's good news. Or was the deficit supposed to go down when taxes are cut. Or is jobs that are created when jobs are outsourced. And minimum wage increases lead to pay decreases.

    I offered to help the poor deluded righties by posting as a righty for awhile. I need to study up on that crap first I guess.

  2. Whatever Obama does is wrong. So, if Obama cuts taxes then the Right has to call for tax increases. That's the extent of my understanding of politics and economics.

    My taxes went down. As a loyal American, that's all I care about. That and hating on neocons.

  3. exDLB said:"That and hating on neocons."

    True wisdom shows itself through simplicity. You are indeed wise exDLB.

  4. Thanks Truth and Happy Sunday to you.