Thursday, March 25, 2010

Castaway Conservatives

David Frum joins Bruce Bartlett as one of the Conservatives whose name must no longer be mentioned.

As some readers of this blog may know, I was fired by a right wing think tank called the National Center for Policy Analysis in 2005 for writing a book critical of George W. Bush's policies, especially his support for Medicare Part D. In the years since, I have lost a great many friends and been shunned by conservative society in Washington, DC.

Now the same thing has happened to David Frum, who has been fired by the American Enterprise Institute.

The real money quote is:

Since, he is no longer affiliated with AEI, I feel free to say publicly something he told me in private a few months ago. He asked if I had noticed any comments by AEI "scholars" on the subject of health care reform. I said no and he said that was because they had been ordered not to speak to the media because they agreed with too much of what Obama was trying to do.


  1. If you ever decide a change of pace I'll send you the code for Truth 101 and you can post there and become Truth 102.

  2. Thanks Truth, but no. I hate being kind and gentle. I like being a prick.