Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a Wonderful World

No special reason for this. Just feeling good today. Don’t feel like pissing anyone off. And everyone knows that I’m a glass three quarters full sort of person, when I’m not being nihilistic anyway. And the more the tea party folks piss and moan the better I feel.

Armstrong could sing about it being a wonderful world after the life he had growing up and the tea party folks can gripe because of their imaginary concerns over health care reform? WTF? Maybe I don’t mind if I piss someone off.


  1. What the hell was Satchmo so damn happy about? Happy people piss me off!

    Just kidding. Hope I didn't make you unhappy.

    And as talented as we are, how come we don't get more traffic at our blogs?

  2. I only put stuff up for myself anyway, but I'm happy to have you come visit, Truth. I'm also happy that I don't have the trolls that you do.

    Part of the lack of traffic likely is the fact that everyone in the world is too busy writing at 2 or 3 blogs to visit that many. I'll leave worrying about blog hits to Douglas and RS McCain.