Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feel the Power of the Fang

I realize it’s all fun and games until someone goes full metal McVeigh. I can’t help myself. All afternoon I’ve been all, “Feel the power of the fang” and variations on it. 

I’ve been enjoying the works of Bob Lonsberry since my sojourn at SUNY Brockport. Like many of his ilk, he seems to be slipping the bonds of sanity over the health care bill. This, of course, is someone who absolutely no problem with a needless war fought in Iraq or the spying done by the NSA on Americans wherever they might be.

Suddenly the right is re-discovering their libertarian roots, though. Big government declaring war and saying fuck your privacy is not a problem. Big government trying to do something about the 45 million Americans without health insurance is a call to arms (literally?).

For the last two days, I’ve worn the same shirt. Tomorrow I will wear one like it.

It’s yellow, with a rustic drawing of a rattlesnake, and a line of text below: DONT TREAD ON ME.

And when I can open my mouth, I will. And when I can’t, my shirt will speak for me.

Don’t tread on me.

That is a warning the Obama Democrats chose not to heed.

And now they will feel the fang.

No idea what feel the fang means. Wingers have a bad habit of talking in code. If he has only one fang, Obamacare may help. I trust there is some dental coverage included.

Hopefully some psychological coverage as well. Lighten up, Bob.

All you wingers make sure you take the Tea Bagger Socialist-Free Purity Pledge. Hat Tip to Parsley’s Pics.

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