Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Surprise! Obama Iced Scalia

The Daily Beast has a really good round-up of the nuts out there.

“I wish it was natural causes,” Jones said of Scalia’s death, which was determined to have been caused by a heart attack. “But my gut tells me no. If this is an assassination, it signifies that they’re dropping the hammer. That’s the canary in the coal mine.”

Yeah, you knew Alex would be in here. His gut tells him. That's good enough for me. 

“Maybe they’ll kill Ron Paul. Maybe they’ll kill Donald Trump next,” Jones said of the other red pudgy-faced man with whom he seems to share a deep bromance. “They all had heart attacks. How many more of these are we going to sit here and put up with? Or maybe their airplane blows up.”

Why the fuck would they kill Ron Paul? And I like Trump alive. He's done damage to the GOP brand that money can't buy.

Trump’s campaign did not respond when The Daily Beast asked if they were concerned about Obama’s plot to kill their candidate.


Trump, as he’s want to do, subtly egged on the wingnuts in an interview on Michael Savage’s radio show on Monday.

“It’s a horrible topic, but they say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow. I can’t give you an answer,” Trump said stoking the conspiracy flames.

Oh, he was busy with Michael Weiner. 

YouTube user NatureHacker—bearded and likely holed up in a bomb shelter with plenty of tinfoil hats—pointed out, Poindexter is a Vietnam War veteran who was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation by, wait for it, none other than President Obama.

I will warn you not to watch the clip with Nature Hacker. Lunacy can be contagious.

Mike King, a writer for the conspiracy website Tomato Bubble, and the author of two books detailing the rise of the New World Order, is pretty certain there was foul play involved in Scalia’s death.

“Is it also possible that an evil murdering homosexual communist President with only 10 months left in office could have ordered a hit so that he could drive that final nail into America’s coffin? Why not?” King, asking the questions on everyone’s mind, wrote.

See, Mike King watched it. And there's someone named Mark Dice who talks about the "heart attack" weapon. Actually, those may have been the  cigs Scalia smoked and the knife and fork he ate with. He didn't look like the picture of health. 

In any case, the Daily Beast missed the real villain behind this dastardly deed. 

The wild card in this equation is likely Leonard Nimoy, who various leaked reports have identified as the newest leader of the Illuminati.

I love Nimoy and am glad to see he's back and killing the enemies of darkness. Hail Spock!


  1. Glen Beck says God killed Scalia to help Cruz.

  2. It'd help Cruz a lot more if He killed Trump. That might happen if Donald keeps fuckin' with Pope Frank.

    Note to the Secret Service:I'm not advocating that.

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