Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bookmarking Fallows

Haven't had a chance to read this so I'm just putting it up as a bookmark.

This was a side piece that was appreciably shorter and thus I was able to make it through. It's 11 sign a city will succeed. I live in a village, but I'm sure the same principles apply. He saved the best, and strangest, for last.

They have craft breweries. One final marker, perhaps the most reliable: A city on the way back will have one or more craft breweries, and probably some small distilleries too. 

This piece also accompanied the article. In Glens Falls we have the Crandall Library which is the most wonderful place. It is the source for my free internet, free movie rental, free books and cheap books, as the book sale was, and is, this weekend.

As we traveled around the U.S. reporting on the revival of towns and cities, we always made the local library an early stop. We’d hit the newspaper offices, the chamber of commerce, city hall, and Main Street for an introduction to the economics, politics, and stresses of a town. The visit to the public library revealed its heart and soul.

I really need to start supporting and frequenting the library in my current hometown more. If they had internet they would be my number one choice. Soon, I'm sure.

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