Monday, February 22, 2016

Matt, The Insult Candidate

Haven't put up a Matt post in awhile. Here he is in action on the Post Star comment threads.

Woolf's campaign made the cowardly decision to use locals within the Democratic Party establishment

a primary may well have been exactly what Woolf needed to strengthen and boost his severely lackluster campaign

Mike Derrick is much more in the "Bill Owens/DINO/Blue Dog" comfort zone for most upstate Democrats

it's really not very surprising (especially in a Hillary election cycle) that the fake left party of the corporate status quo is putting pressure on people like Burke to "do the right thing" and support said status quo

Derrick will not see any DCCC money and will lose the race badly

the Democratic Party is just a sad and corrupted corporate cult, after all, not a democratic mechanism

Isn't he sweet? At least he's not calling on Mike Derrick to drop out of the race yet. 

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