Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sensibility in Dealing with the Heroin Crisis

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Today it bows deeply (if blogs could bow) to Peter Shumlin from neighboring Vermont.

Shumlin often thanks Vermonters for “changing their attitudes about addiction and opioid addiction.” The shift has encouraged so many addicts to come out of the shadows that the state’s treatment centers, despite an increase in number, have long waiting lists. Other states are experiencing the same problem as they move to a treatment-first model. In fact, much of the pitch by the governors in Washington was for more federal funding for drug treatment facilities.

Of course, a government in Afghanistan would probably help. In the meantime:

Shumlin says states also need federal help to curb the overprescription of powerful painkillers too often used for nonmedical purposes. “Until America is willing to have an honest conversation about the way we are dealing with pain, our challenges will continue,” he says.

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