Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yes, Republicans Do Want to Kill Medicare

And probably create death panels, as well.

Sure, (Jeb!) uses some weasel words about fulfilling the commitment to people “who’ve already received benefits, are receiving the benefits,” but he apparently didn’t get the other memo that says seniors don’t buy that line when Republicans say it about Social Security, and they aren’t going to buy it when they say it about Medicare.

The idea of telling anyone that the program “must be phased out” for something “new” because they’re not going to have anything is just daft. Even Paul Ryan’s privatization plans never said that he planned to phase out the most popular health care program in America (even though he did plan exactly that). Even more daft is the idea that Bush would say this at a time when the projections for Medicare solvency are, as Kevin Drum said, “spectacular.”

But Jeb didn’t misspeak. He meant it.  He actually doubled down on that claim in New Hampshire yesterday, saying “we have a Medicare program that’s not going to be around 30 years from now in form that is.” Apparently, the last time he looked at the numbers was back when  he was stumping for his brother in 2004. Somebody needs to fill him in on what’s been happening in the last decade.

And he's the smart Bush.

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