Saturday, July 25, 2015

And Now is Never the Time to Talk About Gun Control

Right, Governor Jindal?

We’re told in the aftermath of these events that politics is in bad taste; that we ought simply to offer prayers to the victims. Such was the reaction of our absentee governor, Bobby Jindal, who reminded us that “Now is the time for prayer, now is the time for healing. As far as the political spectrum, this isn’t the time.” 

OK, for those of us who are agnostic as all fuck, can we talk about gun control?

Now is precisely the time for action – as it always is when mass shootings occur.


People don’t need prayers, governor; they need to live without fear of being shot. They need sane gun laws. But we can’t have an honest conversation about guns because the NRA and cowards like Jindal (who opposes restrictions on gun purchases and whose state leads the nation in gun deaths) won’t let us. As Bob Mann noted in the Times-Picayune this morning, after the massacre in Charleston, Jindal attacked Obama for suggesting that a national discussion about guns is needed: “I think it was completely shameful,” Jindal said, “Within 24 hours we’ve got the president trying to score cheap political points.”

Fuck Jindal. He cares more about his relationship with the NRA, than he does about those people shot in that theater or any of the others in our country that have been shot because he's too cowardly to say boo to the merchants of death. 

the Second Amendment protects militias, not the individual’s right to carry a pistol in a supermarket or a theatre. It wasn’t until the NRA bought the Republican Party (Jindal included) and began pushing for a reinterpretation of the amendment that it came to mean something other than it does.

Do click the link in that snippet. 

The fervor with which Americans defend guns feels pathological at this point. In what other developed country are people so obsessed with guns? In what other developed country do you need a pistol in your pocket to feel safe? What is it about America that we can’t get on without being awash with guns? There’s this notion that somehow freedom will be extinguished if we can’t get our hands on a gun. Do the idiots in the Michigan Militia really believe they’re going to beat back the U.S. military should it decide to invade Detroit? This is the stuff of deranged fantasies, believed by culturally isolated Guns & Ammo readers.

It's just to make a bunch of idiots feel safe. This is worth posting again.

I thank God (if He exists) again that I live in King Andrew's realm because we get an A- from the Brady Campaign.


  1. Piyush Jindal's state has among the most lax gun laws and Piyush Jindal's state has among the highest rates of firearm deaths.

    He said now is not the time to politicize the shootings in his state?

    Funny. The little hypocrite didn't mind politicizing the Chattanooga shootings right after they happened.

    PIYUSH JINDAL: “This apparent act of terrorism has taken the lives of four American heroes, and our hearts and prayers are with their families,” Jindal said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release. “While it’s too early to know for sure what happened, it certainly looks like an act of terrorism. We must pursue justice on their behalf and stop at nothing to hunt down and kill these evildoers abroad before more of them come here to kill our people.”

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  3. It's never the time to talk about anything.

  4. Shaw, thanks for pointing that bit of hypocrisy out to me. It's hard to believe with double talk like that Jindal might not make the varsity debates.

    Joe, have you been elected to an office yet? "never the time to talk about anything" is pure rhetorical gold. That should stop the liberal media dead in their tracks.