Monday, July 27, 2015

Farmed Out Monday Post

Writing today's post will be a Mr. Lucas Dobie of Queensbury, NY. This is his letter to the Post Star from a few days back that I've been meaning to put up.

During the 2014 congressional election, I wondered where this new, young, vibrant candidate came from and how she was thrust into the race as the front-runner?

Astonishingly, scores of more experienced, more qualified local leaders were bypassed. After reading Rep. Elise Stefanik’s comments regarding the Iran nuclear deal in Mr. Maury Thompson’s article, it is clear how she got here as a Washington insider and whom her handlers are: AIPAC and the neocons. To quote the congresswoman: “I agree with (Israeli) Prime Minister Netanyahu that this paves the path toward Iran achieving nuclear weapons capability. It’s bad for Israel. It’s bad for U.S. national security.”

As articulated by former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, all new congress members are required to make an “Israel first pledge” or they will become isolated and defeated in their re-election. It is obvious that Rep. Stefanik is playing this Zionist political game or is an Israel-first politician, rather than a 21st NY District representative.

I strongly encourage the local Democratic organizations to unite with Mr. Funiciello for the 2016 race in a bid to elect a congressman who will work for peace and U.S.-first interests, rather than the hawkish, neocon traditions which have been so devastating over the past 15 years.

Very nice, Lucas. I can't find a lot to disagree except that last paragraph. Not sure why Democrats would unite behind Matt Funiciello since he's made it quite clear that he is not one and has taken every opportunity he gets to trash them. Otherwise, I believe your chances for a date With Elise are about the same as mine.

Further on this topic is a book on Kev's Bookshelf that I have just started reading: Terrorists at the Table. I can tell you from what I've read so far is that many of these people that have negotiated with various factions are some of the bravest souls to have ever walked the planet. That and we are not going to kill our way out of the fight with ISIS. Fight smarter, not harder. 

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