Tuesday, July 14, 2015

There Is None So Blind As He Who Will Not See

There are some who feel because BBC mistakenly reported the collapse of Tower 7 that it is some kind of evidence for conspiracy. I want to go through some of the "evidence" Tony Cerro and Matt Funiciello reveal on this show. There's so much stuff out there, it's been better debunked by Screw Loose Change on my blog roll.

I'm going to start with the Tower 7 assertions since that seems to be what the Truthers have moved onto. Here's SLC on the thermite questions.

I appreciate the work many have done to debunk all this bullshit. Yes, it is difficult to believe there was confusion on a day like 9/11.

If you have more time.

This covers most of Cerro and Funiciello's "Questioning." Was the NY Fire and Police Departments in on the conspiracy along with the BBC? Don't get your news from Alex Jones and infowars.

How do the anomalies these people point to add up to a consistent theory? Another question begging for answer.

See Mark Loizeaux at 27:45 for a discussion of placing explosive charges in a building for demolition.

At 57:00 Frank Papalia says that the whole conspiracy theory thing shows a lack of respect for friends he's lost as a firefighter. I'm with him absolutely.

The lovely and talented Michael Shermer covers many of the "questions" in this clip. After you watch it, get a copy of "Why People Believe Weird Things" or go to skeptic.com.

I'm officially (I hope) done with 9/11. Fascinating stuff, though. I swear half the internet is devoted to either pro or con 9/11 Truth.

To see what people can bring themselves to believe and then totally ignore all logic and evidence that your wack-a-doodle ideas are wrong is amazing. I started to say wack-a-doodle theories, but there is no all encompassing theory. It's just pick out an anomaly here and there, then say that proves it was an inside job. And, of course, ignore any explanation of the anomaly. And if all else fails, holler CIA loudly.

They also refuse to come right out and say what the implications would be of their "theory" being correct. There would have to be the involvement of at least tens of thousands of people willing to carry this out and then keep quiet about it. And they would all have to be out and out psychopaths. 

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