Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Loony Libtard Day on the Post Star Letters Page

Al Scoonzarielli and I shared the letters page again today.

I see that protecting the district against the North Korean and Iranian missile threat is one of Rep. Elise Stefanik’s top priorities. Maybe when Jeb takes office he can finish off the axis of evil brother George started on. I recall part of the justification for the Iraq War was that Saddam Hussein was going to hit us with scud missiles, presumably the same ones he couldn’t hit Israel with during the first Gulf War. Another threat possibility raised was that he was going to fly drones here and drop chemical weapons on us. Hats off to the former president for keeping us safe from that.

Considering the cost of the Iraq War, $30 million on this missile defense sounds almost fiscally responsible. Still, I believe if she wants to protect the people of the district, the money could be better spent on railroads, bridges and other infrastructure. Residents of her district might sleep better thinking the oil trains are going to stay on track.


Yeah, that coulda used a couple of re-writes. 

And here's Al:

John Siebrecht, you made my day again. Did the bad man who you so disrespectfully called “Kenny” ruin your little funny page, Johnny? Do you know they’re all online? And they’re shinier! Oooo! And he bemoans the paper’s attempt to turn the letters section from the senseless fire-fights they can devolve into, to a place for reasonable discourse and no, Johnny, “discourse” isn’t a dirty word.

And although he only reads the letters once in awhile, he suspects this change is because the liberals are losing the battle of words. Had he paid attention, he’d know both sides hold their own. But I remind you that this is the guy who bawled out The Post-Star for only reviewing a George Clooney movie and not Mark Wahlberg’s latest. Why? Because Johnny “knows” that The Post-Star is liberal so they won’t review a movie that casts a positive light on the Afghani war. The movie was reviewed two pages in, and it got a much better review than Clooney’s movie.

So why does he hate the new letters policy? Because it’s not as entertaining. For this reason, he’d rather see a nose-to-nose baseball argument that solves nothing rather than having them review the play on video and see exactly what happened. The truth is no fun for Johnny. When the NFL went to instant replay, it must’ve killed him. I criticized Fox News, so he concluded that I live in my basement and watch Fox 24/7. I’ll have him know it’s my parents’ basement. And guess what, Johnny, I went to the fights the other night and a hockey game broke out! Rim shot!

OK. That’s my time and I’m out of here, but I’ll be here all week, folks. Try the veal!


I really liked, "it's my parent's basement." 

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