Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two Good Ones from Ken (and One from Tim)

One, touting the utility of the SAFE Act towards installing a totalitarian dictatorship in New York. Oh wait, that last part was in the comments.

When the Senate chose to select John Flanagan as majority leader last month, it further sealed the Safe Act’s fate. Flanagan voted for the Safe Act two years ago and, as a Long Island Republican, his constituents are likely to support the law.

Traitorous, RINO dog (rhino dog). Don't listen to that for 10 minutes. 

What puzzles me is that the safest place in the state — upstate — seems to have so many residents who feel the need to protect themselves, while it is the downstate residents from communities that have far more crime who support more gun control.

Yeah, but happiness safety is a warm gun.

And frankly, I’ve never felt safer. 

Same here. But then I avoid the Atlanta airport and Georgia in general.

Bonus Ken: on our representative to Congress who is totally voting the same way Aaron Woolf would have.  

Last month, Rep. Elise Stefanik was among 240 members of the House of Representatives to vote for repealing the Inheritance Tax. So did every other Republican in upstate New York. Only three Republicans voted against the bill.

Because Tom Joad's family is totally being thrown to the wolves by the feds. Greedy bastards. And apparently we have always been at war with eastasia Canada. 

We know she is an advocate for Fort Drum, in favor of Lake Placid holding another Winter Olympics and for locating a missile defense system in Watertown, even though the Pentagon says it does not want it, all while saying she wants to set a new standard for bipartisanship.

OK, Tim Armstrong. Just because.

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