Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Need To Post Something More Upbeat. Thanks Pope Francis

Can we run him for president or at least the Green Party choice for Congress in my district?

 Pope Francis’ call for global action on climate change encourages actions ranging from the practical – car-pooling and recycling – to the adoption of an international treaty binding richer nations to help poorer nations adapt. 

In the first ever encyclical on the environment, the Roman Catholic leader urges "decisive action, here and now" to confront environmental degradation and global warming. Its 184 pages offer a harsh critique of the “structurally perverse” forces of capitalism, globalization, and modernity that are turning the Earth into an “immense pile of filth.”

The encyclical's unapologetic language reaffirms the pope’s unwavering stance against environmental destruction and human-derived climate change.

I'm sure I'm not the right person to say this but, "Bless him." He doesn't mince words, for sure. Unlike all of our politicians in the US, he actually is a scientist (and he has a soul).

In closely adhering to the “less is more” lifestyle that he has become known for, Francis shuns air conditioners and gated communities. He calls on the faithful to embrace an “ecological conversion” and urges them to use public transit, plant trees, turn off unnecessary lights.

The pope argues for reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and replacing them with sources of renewable energy. 

That's what Jesus would do. You hear a lot of that, but you don't see much of it. 

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