Monday, June 15, 2015

Need to Raise That Old Profile

So, Matt's interviewing someone from the Warren County Green Party this week on his radio show. Curious, I did a web search about them. Results:

  1. Warren County, New York Democratic Committee
The Warren County New York Democratic Committee, welcoming and uniting Democrats, ... Follow Warren Democrats On Twitter! Blue Bird For A Blue County!
  1. Find a Local or County Green Group | Green Party ...
... Rensselaer, Saratoga, Warren, Washington: Upper Hudson Green Party. Chair: Allison Kratzat | sister.of ... Green Party of New York County (Manhattan, NYC ...
  1. Matt Funiciello For Congress - Glens Falls, New ...
See more places in Glens Falls, New York; Liked by This Page. Howie Hawkins for NY Governor. ... Matt Funiciello For Congress shared Warren County Green Party ...
  1. Warren County, NY
Welcome to Warren County. We hope you enjoy your time in Warren County! This website has been created to provide residents, ... New York 12845.
  1. Warren County Sheriff's Office
Nathan H. "Bud" York ... Warren County is a tourist community centered around the Lake George, New York Area.
  1. Warren County, New York - Wikipedia, the free...,_New_YorkCached
Warren County is a county in the U.S. state of New York. As of the 2010 census, the population was 65,707. The county seat is Queensbury The county is named in honor ...
  1. Limousine Service in Warren County, NEW JERSEY
Limousine Transportation and Rental Services in Warren County, NEW ... Party Limousine Service in Warren County; ... service in the New York/New Jersey ...
  1. New York claims to be Pennsylvania, CNN reports |...
Jun 13, 2015 · New York's parents issues statement denying claim. “Warren Kinsella's book, ... Tea Party Tim & Foreigners; Teacher, ...
  1. Green Party of New Jersey - Official Site
The Green Party of New Jersey is the state party organization for the Green Party of the United States. The Green Party of New Jersey is one of the ... Green Jobs ...
  1. Warren County GOP

Party_Symbol; Important State of NJ contact info; Assembly Republican Video. February 5th, ... WARREN COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE PO BOX 446 BELVIDERE, NJ 07823.

Really loved that the first result was Warren County NY Democratic Committee. Yeah, the Greens are a force to be reckoned with.

MEA CULPA: I neglected to search Facebook for a page on the Warren County Greens, and they do have one. I generally avoid FB and keep my account down. I fear Mark Zuckerberg having access to information on me more than I fear the NSA.

MEA CULPA ON THAT MEA CULPA: Yes, reading is fundamental. Upon closer examination, like looking at the URL, I see that's Warren County Virginia. There is an Upper Hudson Green Party site. That'll have to do. I wish them well. For good measure, a link to GPNY. And it's not on FB, bless their hearts. Here's their Ten Key Values.

I find nothing to disagree with in them. I also see nothing saying they support Birther and Truther conspiracy theories or gun nuttery either, though. My inclination is toward reforming the Democratic Party as the most achievable plan. It's certainly more so than building a Green Party that's ever going to elect anyone to anything. If I was to get disillusioned enough with the Dems, I believe my backup would be to throw in with the Working Families Party. I do support them and am willing to take a better look at them. Just a point in fact. That GP page has 108 likes; the WF page has 46,614, one of which is mine.

Of course, maybe they are a puppet of the corporations, too.

NUMBER CRUNCHING: Out of curiosity, I looked to see who received more votes in the gubernatorial contest last in our blessed state of NY, Zephyr Teachout or Howie Hawkins. Despite the fact that she was running in the primary so was only eligible to receive votes from Dems, Teachout received 180,336. Hawkins was running as a Green in the general election and received 108,321. That's 60% if my number crunching is correct.

And yes, I haz a sad cuz the WF party sold out to Cuomo and did not endorse Teachout. They need a little reformation, as well.

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