Friday, June 19, 2015

Live Blogging Uncommon Sense

This is actually kind of semi-liveblogged since I wasn't online for the last half of the show and just took some notes. MF is talking to the GF powers that be in the Green Party, Delbert Gregory and Valerie Epstein.

Until 1:30 anyway. Now going on about Ralph Nader for some reason. Who gives a fuck about Nader? Lots of trashing of Democrats. No mention of the Pope Francis's encyclical. Yes, they are quite the Green Party. 

No mention of the shooting in South Carolina which is interesting given MF's gun-nuttery. No word on whether the party actually stands for Birtherism and Trutherism either. I'm not learning much about the party. Jill Stein is apparently awesome. And she probably is. More crying about Ralph Nader. No time to discuss Bernie Sanders. Why?

 Matt doesn't like Bernie's voting record. Oil trains are a big issue for DG. They are for me as well because I live in Fort Edward. Can't disagree with that. Apparently the solution is to "reduce, re-use and recycle." Talk is about solar panels, too. VE's big issue is economic equality. I can't disagree with that either. 

MF can't afford, I guess, to have health insurance. Guessing it may be more on principle. If he can't afford it, maybe he needs to economize somewhere. He's mentioned this before and, I believe, the fact that his workers don't have it either. I'm guessing if they get sick or break a bone they throw themselves on the mercy of society and let the rest of us pay for it. 

DG doesn't like voter apathy. He lists a bunch of things Democrats, to my mind, have a lot of responsibility for instituting: voting rights fro women, civil rights, gay marriage, etc. He asks, "why are we subsidizing GE?

So, these are just my randomly taken notes on the program.

On Wednesday night in Charleston a man shot 9 people in a black church. This radio show took place on Thursday afternoon. Really Delbert? Fucking voter apathy? That's what comes to mind as a big issue for you? Maybe you and Valerie feel safe because of the SAFE Act which was instituted by a Democratic governor. That's why we don't have fucksticks running around with guns in the local Applebee's. Maybe they didn't want to step on Matt's toes.

"If you don't feel we need guns to defend ourselves against tyranny, then you're not paying attention." 

Here's Charles Pierce on the shooting. And Tbogg.

I'd just like to mention the previous GP candidate for Congress from the 21st district, Donald Hassig.

At a candidate forum Thursday in St. Lawrence County, Hassig responded to a question about the potential loosening of rules that would allow more migrant workers to seek legal employment in the region by bashing Spanish-speaking laborers as harmful to cattle because of their limited English.

"I would like to see them get their asses kicked out of here," Hassig said in audio captured by North Country Public Radio.

In a release the next day, state Green Party co-chair Gloria Mattera called Hassig's comments "disturbing and reprehensible." Party Secretary Peter LaVenia of Albany — a candidate for state Senate running against Democratic incumbent Neil Breslin — noted in the statement that the Greens have "long supported the rights of migrant farm workers." 

OK, now that admittedly is pretty crazy. All around. I find it hard to believe that MF doesn't say crazier shit than that before he gets out of bed in the morning, though. What's a little xenophobia next a Birther, Truther, GunNut candidate?

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