Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today in Treason

Didn't want to miss putting up a post on the State Dept on Capitol Hill. No one better than Chas Pierce to talk about it, tho he links to a very good Bacevich.

I know I missed it on election night back in November, but it seems that 478,819 citizens of the state of Arkansas voted themselves in control of the foreign policy of the United States. They determined in ensemble fashion to visit upon the Senate—and, thereby, the country—the genius of Tom Cotton, who decided over the weekend on his own to lecture the government of Iran on How America Works—and, in fact, to lecture the government of Iran how it should work, for that matter. Put not your trust in Kenyan Usurpers, Tom cautioned the mullahs, for nothing is forever.
Cotton stands revealed as a true fanatic. He's stalwart in his convictions as regards things about which he knows exactly dick.

A tease. Go read it all. And it gets a WTF Obama? label for what Bacevich discusses in his piece.

And besides that: Netanyahu is starting to sound like Tricky Dick.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in broadcast remarks on Tuesday there was a "huge, worldwide effort" to ensure he loses next week's closely contested election.

He has yet to put out a call for "plumbers," tho.

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