Monday, March 2, 2015

It May Be That the Media is Centrist and You're a Right Wing Loon

This is in response to a Mark Frost editorial of a few weeks back that I didn't want to let slip totally into the ether without a bit of comment.

Are you as concerned about the nuclear deal with Iran that the Obama administration is pursuing?

Yes, but likely for different reasons since I'm not a neo-conservative. Mostly I'm concerned that most of our Congress doesn't realize that Bibi Netanyahu is a lying warmonger.

And then he does a copy and paste that would make Donald proud to a mystery editorial that has concerns about the negotiations with Iran. And zounds! It's from the so-called liberal media. The WashPo to be precise. Apparently, they have grown in Frost's estimation, while the NYT is, of course, still a liberal slime bucket.

Another line I wanted to point out was:

I know everybody is fixated on Lyin' Brian and Kim and Kanye, but count me as having no confidence in the Obama administration to make far-reaching foreign policy decisions by itself imposing its pre-set mindset.

You know who else has a pre-set mindset? Bibi Netanyahu. One more link to people saying he's lying. Why not? Also wanted to mention the first part of that quote. I barely know who the K's are. But, I do know that Bibi Netanyahu is a lyin' warmonger and that's more important to me than anything a lyin' anchorman has to say.

UPDATE: Had to come back and tuck this in here. It's the history of Bibi's Chicken Littleism over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

 In 1992, then-parliamentarian Netanyahu advised the Israeli Knesset that Iran was “three to five years” away from reaching nuclear weapons capability, and that this threat had to be “uprooted by an international front headed by the U.S.”

There's more at the link. I'll thank the prime minister to not volunteer our military for such forays.

Frost ends by saying the Wall Street Journal is still his favorite paper. Why? Has Murdoch brought the page 3 girls to it? That link is NSFW, BTW. This brings up a question I frequently ask myself, though (and never get an answer). A series of questions, actually.

If the so-called liberal media is lying to you, why the fuck do you read it?

Is your bullshit detector so good that it automatically pierces the left-wing lies to get at the creamy, truthy center?

Why don't you just read the goddam NY Post and quit whining?

If the media is so liberal, what happened last November?

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe 90 some odd percent of the media in this country is centrist and you are just a right-wing lunatic?

This leads to my request for a theory of how this liberal media conspiracy works. I'd like to see a "Loose Change: The Liberal Media Edition." If you're going to go around ballyhooing about the liberal media, you should at least be able to present a theory (not a postulate) for how it's possible that all the media outlets (sans Murdoch owned and talk radio) are in the pockets of the forces of evil (i.e. Democrats).

Just want to tack this on. You know where else liberals are hated? Russia.

Analysts believe that the majority mood of hyper-patriotism and the official media's labeling of liberal opponents as "traitors" may be encouraging violence by ultra-right fringe groups. And one of several theories currently being studied by the Kremlin's powerful Investigative Committee is that Nemtsov's murder may have been connected with "Ukrainian events."  

"The poisonous atmosphere we're living it is the basic problem," says Alexei Kondaurov, a former KGB general turned politician. "There are new people out there, armed groups, who are not controlled by the authorities. It's a new generation," he says. This includes Russian volunteer fighters in eastern Ukraine who now equate Russian liberals with Ukraine's Maidan revolutionaries. "I'm afraid this tragedy is just the beginning," he says.        

Vladimir Putin has condemned Nemtsov's killing, and created a high-level investigative team that will answer to him directly. Some protesters at Sunday's march said they blame Mr. Putin personally for the Nemtsov murder, but most were more circumspect.”

In recent years, the Kremlin successfully marginalized Russia's liberals by denying them access to mainstream media and tarring them as agents of Western influence. Putin currently enjoys 86 percent public approval while Nemtsov has barely showed up in opinion polls in recent years.

Kind of like the Bush years on steroids.

Hey, at least I didn't mention Hitler or Coulter.

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