Saturday, June 27, 2009

You're Not Rush Limbaugh

Apparently, Robert Stacy McCain thinks he is, though:

Why give money to the campaign committee whose job is to re-elect these RINO sellouts?

Mary Bono Mack, California
Mike Castle, Delaware
Mark Kirk, Illinois
John McHugh, New York
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Leonard Lance, New Jersey
Dave Reichert, Washington
Chris Smith, New Jersey

Unless and until all eight of these swine announce their retirements -- or are defeated in next year's primaries -- I say the grassroots answer to the NRCC should be NOT ONE RED CENT!

Not that I mind the idea of not funding the NRCC, but I've got a $25 campaign contribution for the first of these eight to tell McLame to piss off.


  1. To be fair, I kind of feel the same way towards Democrats that are not getting on board with National Health Insurance and getting out of Iraq.

  2. It is hard to pick out pols worth supporting. Benen or someone recently said that the Dems have become Repubs, and the Repubs have become insane. I'm hoping maybe the GOP will max out on their insanity and become what the Democratic party should be now.