Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace, Farrah and Michael

Rather than RIP, it seemed appropriate to write it out in full. These were two people who never seemed very happy in their celebrity. I suppose there are those who are envious of the rich and famous. I will remain thankful for having more happiness than these two souls, despite my relative poverty and obscurity. May Fawcett and Jackson find tranquility in whatever follows our sojourn on Earth.

Up on Housing Project Hill, it's either fortune or fame. You must choose one or the other though neither are to be what they claim.

Who needs Tom Thumb's blues anyway?


  1. There is much in favor of a humble existence. But it would be nice to be incredibly wealthy to see if it is better.

  2. Some people seem to handle it well. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and a lot of the internet tycoons do. I might not mind giving it a try, but I'm too lazy to make it happen.

  3. Managing money is the most boring activity on Earth. Fortunately I don't have so much to cause me such tedium.

    Farrah Fawcett represented a particular era to me, and there is always a sadness in knowing you can never have that time again - even though you know... it wasn't quite all the perfect era that your time-misted memories tell you it was.

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  5. Apparently,I can't embed links.

    I have some sympathy for anyone who is famous. There have to be some big swings between the benefits and detriments of their lives. You never sail with an even keel.