Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Would the Bottom 30 Look Different?

The advantage I see to this list is that anyone who finishes below Ann Coulter would almost have to quit writing on anything besides a bathroom wall. I can’t imagine the shame of being ranked below a smear mongering, no talent, sensationalist hack like Coulter. Turn in your keyboards fellas. 

30) Brent Bozell</
Jack Kelly
Cassy Fiano
27) Quin Hillyer
26) David Limbaugh
25) Dennis Prager
24) Michael Barone
23) Wes Pruden
22) Tony Harden
21) Melissa Clouthier
20) Larry Elder</A
David Harsanyi
18) Mike Adams
17) Frank Fleming
16) Rich Lowry
15) Tony Blankley
14) Jeff Jacoby
13) Karl Rove
12) Lorie Byrd
11) Charles Krauthammer
10) Victor Davis Hanson
9) Jonah Goldberg
8) Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
7) Burt Prelutsky
6) Michelle Malkin
5) Walter Williams
4) John Stossel
3) Thomas Sowell
2) Mark Steyn
1) Ann Coulter


  1. About the same for me, I view that as a good thing, though.

  2. I think Rove lower that Malkin, though many of the others I don't know.

    I have added this blog to my list of good blogs, ex DLB, I hope you approve.

    quietmagpie is 'ex Van Zan'.

  3. Quietmagpie, I didn't know many of them myself and am very happy in my ignorance. Thanks for the link to down under (if that is politically correct). I've seen you around at JWB's as Van Zan. But, what's in a name? Truth and I change ours as often as we change our underwear, maybe more often.