Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where in the World is Mark Sanford?

I'm mostly just posting this so I can use that title and my 2012 losers label. So, he wasn't hiking the Appalachian trail for 5 days, in the buff or otherwise. Now, the story is that he was visiting Argentina. Ummm, carne asado. Oops, maybe he was after more than just Argentinian beef.

Also from TPM:

Early morning: Sanford arrives at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta on a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he says he has been for the last few days. He tells a reporter from The State that he considered hiking the Appalachian Trail, but decided he "wanted to do something exotic" instead. Sanford says he went alone, and that he spent time driving along the coast. He also says he changed his return itinerary to fly in to Atlanta, not Columbia, in order to avoid the media.

I've been avoiding this story until it turned out the governor was unharmed and fortunately, now we can all laugh about it. Well, not Mark Sanford because he's too busy getting this story straight. But, everyone else. I thank you Mr. Sanford and most of all John Ensign thanks you.

UPDATE: Surprisingly, he was having an affair. Were you guys paying attention during the 90's? It was OK for Bill Clinton because he was a Dem and we are not expected to have morals. Republicans like Newt were not allowed to get away with it because they are expected to be holier-than-thou.

It's likely not the affair that kills his 2012 chances,though, it's all the bad choices that surround it.

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