Monday, June 1, 2009


Here’s Mitt Romney showing why he finished in fourth, possibly fifth, place in the race for the White House. At one point, he spouts some insanity about how the shareholders should run GM. I own shares in a number of companies. I send back my proxies. Do I have a clue who I’m voting for? No. Just like 90 some on per cent of shareholders. How the freakin’ Hell are the shareholders going to run GM?

He’s making Palin look smarter.


  1. If Exxon hits $90 again should I sell ExDLB? I have app. 1oo shares at $57 a share. I'm leaning towards selling. The reason I held onto it when it was over 90 before was that it gavwe me cred with right wingers. Screw em now I say.

  2. I'm prejudiced because I am a buy and hold investor through and through. As Buffett says, the ideal holding period for a stock is forever. That being said I am also holding onto 356 shares of Bank of America. So there you go.

    Anyway, as to Exxon, Morningstar says to consider selling at around $110. It pays a decent dividend and probably raises it regularly. So, if I owned it I would probably keep it. Most of my new investment money is going into etf's (VTI, MDY, VBR and IEV). I want to start spreading my risk after the blow up of the financial sector.

    Free advice is always worth what you pay for it, but I would hold onto Exxon. They're a wide moat, hegemonic MFer as far as the oil bidness goes. Can't beat that.

    You could ask Mitt Romney, but I think he's been sniffing his hair gel too much.