Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Reality of GOP Healthcare

Number infinity for the statement that, "I'm glad I live in a blue state and not a red state hell-hole."

Under the GOP plan, the report states, "about one-sixth of the population resides in areas in which the nongroup market would start to become unstable beginning in 2020."

To break that down: The "areas" the report refers to are mostly red states, and the "nongroup market" refers to people who do not have health insurance through an employer or through the government. 

And "unstable" means that people in those two categories who have preexisting medical problems might no longer be able to buy insurance.

Eventually, according to the report released Wednesday, markets in those states would resemble markets before Obamacare was implemented. Less healthy consumers would not be able to afford coverage, because insurers would be able to examine their medical histories and charge them more if they were likely to need expensive treatment in the future.

Republicans have claimed that their bill would maintain Obamacare's protections for those people, but according to the CBO report, about one-sixth of the total U.S. population could be at risk if they have preexisting problems. Those patients would generally live in red states.

I'm happy with the thought that I'll never have to suffer the pangs of Trumpgrets either.

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