Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Bloom is Off the Trumpkin

At least in New York.

The survey found support for President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress dropping sharply, even in more conservative parts of Upstate New York.

The poll shows that 60% of voters in the Upstate region now have an unfavorable view of the President. When asked about the future of the Afforadable Care Act or Obamacare, 65% of Upstate voters said the healthcare law should be kept and improved — not overturned as Republicans have promised to do. Stefanik voted earlier this month to repeal and replace Obamacare. Siena found that only 34% of New Yorkers in the Upstate region support that approach.

When asked if Republicans should continue to control both chambers of the US Congress, less than a third of voters said that was a good idea. Asked about Russian meddling in last year's presidential election, 66% of Upstate voters said they were "concerned" or "very concerned" about the threat.

The bloom may be off Stefanik, too.

New York Rep. John Faso (R) questioned whether the waivers would affect one-sixth of the population, as the CBO projected: “Frankly I doubt any state would try to take advantage of that provision,” he said. “I think that is completely out of the ballpark.”

Yes, Faso in the district to the south of me is pretty sure that no state would eliminate the waivers anyway. And besides, he said at another point, the Senate will take that out. He's pretty sure.

Asked why the House included the provision if no state would seek such waivers, he replied, “I’m sure it will be stripped out in the Senate.”

Maybe Elise has the right idea not saying anything at all.

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