Saturday, May 6, 2017

Putting Elise on the Record

Our congresswoman was one of those proud to put her stamp of approval on the heinous AHCA bill. And afterward she spread some bullshit in the pages of the Post Star.

Stefanik said that the CBO analyzed the previous version that was the basis of Thursday’s legislation, and that the text of the legislation was posted at for public review.

Stefanik said the process was more transparent than the process of passing President Obama’s health care plan in 2009.

“’Obamacare,’ you remember the quote, ‘We have to pass the bill before we can see what’s in it,’” she said. “That is not what happened. This bill has been public.” 

Reportedly, we'll have CBO numbers out this coming week on the new version. We'll see how those match up with the previous one. Maybe the same maybe not.

What? You want more bullshit?

“This is the first part of a long legislative process,” she said. “There are going to be lots of opportunities for constituents to weigh in. There will be opportunities to improve the bill throughout the process.”

Many constituents attempted to contact Stefanik’s offices in the hours before the vote on Thursday to weigh in, one way or the other.

Elise is holding a town hall Monday if her feet don't get a chill. We'll see. This will be the first since, well who knows when. Should be a fun time. I'm planning to make a trip to P'burgh for it. No Golden Ticket, though. I'll be outside the Chocolate Factory looking longingly at the gob-stoppers.

Almost 270 constituents registered to attend the event and 100 of those have been randomly selected through a lottery by Mountain Lake PBS to attend live in studio. 

So, I had a better than 1 in 2.7 chance and didn't get in? Bullshit! It's rigged, I tells ya!

Updated: Have to apologize about the rigged allegation. Late birthday present and I'm going into the Chocolate Factory. 

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