Friday, May 26, 2017

In Defense of Witch Hunts

This is a great article on how Carter Page became a member of the Trump campaign's foreign policy team.

Multiple people familiar with campaign operations, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said that Page and others were brought into the fold at a time of desperation for the Trump team. As Trump was starting to win primaries, he was under increasing pressure to show that he had a legitimate, presidential-caliber national security team. The problem he faced was that most mainstream national security experts wanted nothing to do with him.

That's the heart of it. 

As Donald Trump surged in the Republican primary polls in the early months of 2016, his outsider campaign faced growing pressure to show that the former reality-TV star and noted provocateur was forming a coherent and credible world view.

So when Carter Page, an international businessman with an office near Trump Tower, volunteered his services, former officials recall, Trump aides were quick to make him feel welcome.

He had come with a referral from the son-in-law of Richard Nixon, New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox, who had conveyed Page’s interest to the campaign, Cox said.

And that's how it started. Do you suppose Ed Cox is with the Russians, too? It's always irresponsible not to speculate. 

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