Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You Go, Gretchen

I hadn't even seen that she'd been fired. Then, I don't pay a lot of attention to Fox News.

Gretchen Carlson, a broadcast veteran, claims in a sexual harassment lawsuit that she was let go from Fox News on June 23 as retaliation for rebuffing Roger Ailes' sexual advances.

And Steve Doocy:

In 2009, Carlson says she complained to a supervisor that Steve Doocy, one of her co-hosts on Fox & Friends, "had created a hostile work environment by regularly treating her in a sexist and condescending way, including by putting his hand on her and pulling down her arm to shush her during a live telecast."

Carlson accuses Doocy of "severe and pervasive sexual harassment" off the air and "generally attempting to put her in her place by refusing to accept and treat her as an intelligent and insightful female journalist rather than a blond female prop."

Had she ever watched the network? Yes, Gretchen, you were a blond female prop. Nonetheless, good luck in suing the shit out of them. 

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