Tuesday, July 26, 2016

As Reagan Spins in His Grave

Editorial from the Daily News today. Just linking to it.

The FBI suspects Russian intelligence agencies were behind the mischief. They might have been freelancing; they might have been doing the Russian strongman’s bidding to help elect Trump.

The prospect of a foreign power with interests often diametrically opposed to ours meddling in an American presidential election in this manner should make voters shudder.

But hack or no hack, Trump’s romantic view of Putin, a man who wants nothing more than to expand his sphere of influence and see U.S. power wane, is well-established . Trump, who has a fetish for strongmen of all stripes, has repeatedly heaped praise on the repressive, anti-democratic, expansionist Putin — a friend to regimes in Iran and Syria — calling him a man “highly respected within his own country and beyond.”

But, who is he highly respected by? Richard Clarke was in with a piece today, too. 

Russian military units and ISIS terrorists are fighting and killing each other in Syria, but ironically the leaders of Russia and ISIS might both want the same candidate in the U.S. presidential election. Moreover, they might both be in positions to influence the outcome to some degree. These two foreign forces may help decide who the next American President will be.

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