Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trump Doesn't Care About Your Phoney Baloney Jobs

This post from Josh Marshall is the lift I needed after the idiot gun idiot.

If I'm a GOP member of Congress I hear that and think, "Damn, you've got zero plan to ensure I don't lose my job. I can't even tell if you care. But you definitely haven't even thought about it."

That's one thing to say to an interviewer to rebuff a question or say at a rally to give yahoo supporters something to say on Twitter. But in private, when people's whose jobs and majorities are on the line need an answer, it's different. 

Thanks, Donald. Ummmm, can we really have all the Congress and the White House?

Another Republican in the meeting Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) told TPM that Trump was asked pointedly if he would defend Article I of the Constitution.

"Not only will I stand up for Article One," Trump enthusiastically stated,
according to Sanford. "I'll stand up for Article Two, Article 12, you name it of the Constitution."

Sanford said Trump's lack of knowledge about how many articles exist, gave him "a little pause." (The Constitution has seven articles and 27 amendments.)

But, that's OK.

"He was just listing out numbers," Farenthold said. "I think he was confusing Articles and Amendments. Remember, this guy doesn't speak from a TelePrompter. He speaks from the heart."

It's OK because he's a conman and conmen con. It's what they do.

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