Thursday, July 21, 2016

They Don't Have a Godwin for Nero References

The intelligence of the average person found in Lake George this time of year is a little suspect. Anyway, here's the letter:

This is in response to the "groans for Hillary" article in Wednesday's paper. I'm sure there were Romans saying; "Let's put this Nero fellow in charge. What harm could he do?" I'm old, white, male, hetero, Christian and relatively well-off. You know, firmly in the Trump demographic. I'll be voting enthusiastically for Ms. Clinton. There has been an industry devoted to smearing her for the last 28 years. The Republican convention continued that effort with the ongoing despicable use of the tragedy of Benghazi for their political purposes. Disgust with that would be reason enough to cast my ballot for her.
But, Donald Trump has said he plans to default on US debt. He figures our creditors (like many of his were forced to do) will take dimes on the dollar. He also plans to place tariffs on goods from China. You won't mind paying 45% more on everything from that country in order to "make ours great again," will you? The people asked by the Post Star don't mind. I remember what President Bush did to my investments in 2008. From the sounds, those are going to look like the good old days.

Oh, and of course, please ask Congresswoman Stefanik if the economic ideas of her party's leader jibe with hers. I'm also interested if she's comfortable with the use of the deaths of four Americans to score political points. Or would she denounce it as the revolting spectacle that it is?

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