Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Party Am I (and What Pet Should I Get)

I saw the what party am I suggestion during my search and liked it. And there's a new Seuss book out! Just in case I do run for Congress next year, I need a party. Ooh, maybe the Seuss party. Just for general lunacy, I'd consider the New Party and The Rent's Too Damn High Party. And, of course, the Greens, but that's too crazy for me. I looked at the Pirate Party, too. It's copyrights and shit like that, though. I wanted real pirates. Aargh, maties!

UPDATE: I'm just going to tack on this link to info at the New York elections site. A little how to guide.

Persons wishing to run for elective office may be nominated either by a political party or through the filing of an independent nominating petition. Party members may also circulate petitions to create the opportunity to write in the name of an unspecified person for an office in which there is no contest for the party endorsement. The current political parties are the Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence and Green parties. Any person who is not nominated by one of these parties must file an independent nominating petition. The requirements for all petitions are contained in Article 6 of the Election Law.

And somewhat off-topic, here is the Green Party platform. A slightly different version than I had previously found. Much more intensive and not much to disagree with. If only they didn't have insane candidates. 

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