Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Downside of Relying on Infowars for Your News

I often bring up the whole "we need guns to protect ourselves from tyranny" thing here because I think it's insane and because I don't like Matt Funiciello. Anyway, here's some fellows that are apparently part of the North Carolina Green Party contingent.

Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Christopher James Barker, 41, and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30, are accused of stockpiling guns and ammunition, as well as attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus “dummy” grenades, according unsealed criminal complaints released Monday.

They seem to have thought that after the feds seize Texas (?) or whatever it is that government troops are supposed to be doing they're headed for North Carolina. I'm sorry, but I'm not putting in a lot of time trying to find logic in it.

According to the documents, both Litteral and Campbell spoke openly about their opposition to Jade Helm 15, a series of ongoing special forces training missions in several Southwestern states that has drawn suspicion from residents who fear it is part of a planned military takeover.

I wonder what Funiciello's views on Jade Helm are.

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