Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Upside to the Iran Deal

Getting past the negotiations on the Iran deal, and assuming it gets the Tom Cotton seal of approval, means maybe we can get to work on the mess that is Syria. Or we could start small with Yemen.

Approval of a United Nations Security Council resolution on chemical attacks in Syria suggests that conclusion of the Iran nuclear talks last month may have paved the way to renewed diplomatic action on the Middle East’s deadliest conflict.

With Russia joining the United States in support of the resolution passed Friday, US diplomats and some regional experts say signs are growing that a door has reopened – if only slightly so far – to finding a political settlement to Syria’s civil war, now in its fifth year.

If we can't get any resolution on the Ukraine maybe we can at least get something moving on this bloody conflict.

Russia is showing signs of wanting to get the diplomatic train on Syria moving again. Next week, the Russian government will receive in Moscow both representatives of the Syrian political opposition and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir for talks on ending the Syrian conflict.

Iran is also getting into the act, announcing recently that it would soon present a four-point Syria peace plan to the UN.

Any hopes are just a flicker at the moment.

“We still haven’t got to the position, particularly from the Russian side, that a negotiated solution by all the parties is the needed outcome,” he says. “Nor has the US been willing to countenance that some form of the Assad regime be included in negotiations. Until you bridge that somehow,” he adds, “there’s not much room to move forward.”

Yes, Assad needs to be included. 


  1. The hidden motive behind the agreement is the power it give the good guys, (or bad guys depending on how it's used which may be us anyway) is it's use as a tool when going to the UN or building a world coalition to invade, bomb, punish, urinate on their gardens etc. the Iranians when they break the agreement. Without the agreement all we have in the end is we hate Iran and want to bomb and piss on their flowers so support us. The world appreciates humility. Even if it's faked.

  2. I like what you say about the coalition building aspect of the deal. Certainly cheaper than all the bribes we had to dole out to get people to join us in that last Iraq war. There was a guy who allied with us in the Afghan invasion who boiled dissidents in his country in oil. I believe we counted him as a good guy because we were flying missions out of his country.

    I've learned to fake sincerity, still working on humility.